Imagine a world

in which materials

exist just as long 

as they are needed.

mujō vision

Single-use plastic is not meant to last. Instead, it should be designed to disappear. mujō ensures that products of today do not become waste of tomorrow. 

454 million tons of plastic are produced across the world each year, over a third of them are used for packaging. Most of it ends up in landfill or polluting the ocean as they biodegrade too slowly – some over centuries. 

mujō design to disappear

Our mission is to ban durable materials for short-life products. We create algae based packaging materials, that are designed to disappear. They biodegrade straight after use, naturally and harmlessly. 


From the ocean, for a healthier ocean. Our products are made from a renewable resource: kelp. It is a fast-growing algae which doesn’t need additional water, nor does it need agricultural land. Instead they produce oxygen and purify the ocean water. Wow. An underwater hero.

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